Tee Pads Replaced!

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The La Mirada Disc Golf Club in cooperation with the LA County of Parks and Recreation and the La Mirada Pro Shop (Mr. Lee and Patrick McConnell) worked on Sunday, July 15th to replace the Lakeside-18 Tee #8 and #9. These two tees were the oldest and most cracked tees remaining on the Lakeside 18 course. We want to thank everyone for coming out and helping (in no particular order), Jerry Ross, Dan Dantuma, Indigo Brude, Michael Hole, Bryant Schroder, Brad Hickey, Gilbert Corona, Mike and Michelle, Nick, Tom Ulibarri, Mike Williams, Kyle Maddox, Rick and Debbie Ascheri. We hope that everyone enjoys the new Tee positions for #8 and #9.  I can't wait to try them on Tuesday for the Weekly Tournament!