Club History

2014 - Present

In 2014 the Board Members decided to take a break from the club. Unfortunately, there was not enough interest by members to continue running the La Mirada Disc Golf Club after that time. This website for now provides some history of the club, it's operation, it's members, the tournament results for the last 10 years and many of the stories from the people that helped to make the La Mirada Disc Golf Course what it is today. Now, the West Coast Disc Golf Association has taken over where the club left off. They have the official backing by the County of Los Angeles and they continue to promote and maintain the course today. For more information see the links on the front page.

May 1, 2012

In 2012 Indigo Brude continued on as President of the club, Jerry Ross accepted the position of Vice President, Debbie Ascheri continued on as Finance Officer, Rick Ascheri continued on as Information Officer and Dale Chambless accepted the position of Event Coordinator.

Rick Ascheri continues to run the Weekly and Monthly Disc Golf Tournaments as well as maintain the club registrations, procurement and distribution of the 2012 Club Bag Tags.

Jerry Ross will continue to provide his exceptional help with maintaining the disc golf course.

We look forward to seeing Dale Chambless help to organize some local disc golf events here at La Mirada.

As of May 1st our Club Membership is up to 40 members. We hope that the rest of the past members will continue to support the club by renewing their club memberships. We still have plenty of 2012 Bag Tags that are included with each membership.

The club continues to meet in the Los Angeles County of Park and Recreation Offices at La Mirada Regional Park for their monthly board of directors meeting. This is becoming a very productive meeting, especially now that we have Patrick McConnell representing the Pro Shop on a monthly basis. With his efforts, the clubs and the county we were finally able to get extra trash cans installed throughout the park near the Disc Golf Tee Signs. We hope that our Disc Golfers will continue to help keep the park clean by picking up trash and dropping it off at the next available trashcan. The Pro Shop has also worked with the club to start replacing the very old Tee Pads. We have replaced 5 Tee Pads so far and we plan on replacing at least 5 more this year. The Pro Shop has worked with the club to get replacement Baskets as equipment is stolen or needed to be replaced/repaired.

Overall this year is turning out to be the best ever!  As usual we can always use your help in volunteering. Drop by the Weekly or Monthly disc golf tournament and talk to Rick Ascheri about helping out.

I want to thank all of the Club Members and Local Tournament Players for their continued support in providing used disc golf discs and other used merchandise. We continue to give out this merchandise as prizes in the Novice division. Our Novice division is often full at most weekly and monthly events. I hope that everyone can continue to support us for the rest of 2012.


December 31, 2011

In 2011, the La Mirada Disc Golf Club continued to thrive with 61 total members. Indigo Brude continued to do a great job at leading the team. This year we met with the County of Los Angeles and convinced them and the Pro Shop Owner Mr. Lee to make la Mirada continue to be a NON-PAY course. We helped them understand the problems with the current operation of the Pro Shop and helped give them ideas to make it better for 2012.

We continued to hold the Women Only Disc Golf Clinics, Women's Disc Golf Tournament and the yearly Turkey Shoot Doubles event.

Rick Ascheri took over during 2011 as the Information Officer. As part of this effort Rick Ascheri organized the 2011 Bag Tags and was made responsible for maintaining the club registrations as well as the Club Website and Facebook pages.

Rick Ascheri also continued to run the Weekly and Monthly Disc Golf Tournaments with the help of his wife Debbie Ascheri.

Debbie Ascheri took over as Finance Officer for 2011 and she did a great job at balancing the books.

Jerry Ross continued as Event Coordinator but he also stepped in for Mike Williams as Course Maintenance Director.

During 2011 the club starting meeting in the Los Angeles County of Park and Recreation Offices at La Mirada Regional Park. This turned out to be a great change because we were able to meet with the county each month so that they could be aware of the things that the club was doing for them and the issues that needed to be addressed.


February 19, 2010

The La Mirada Disc Golf Club had a great 2009 year. Indigo Brude did a great job at leading the Board Members to get everything organized and officially recognized by the City of La Mirada and the County of Los Angeles Park & Recreations as the Volunteer Organization that is approved to help maintain the disc golf course in cooperation with the Pro Shop Operator, Mr. Lee.

For 2009 we held many new events such as Disc Golf Clinics, BBQ & Night Golf events, Women Only Disc Golf Clinics, a Womens Disc Golf Tournament and the yearly Turkey Shoot Doubles event.

For 2010 Rick Ascheri has stepped down as Information Officer. John Rasmussen will take over the Information Officer position. John is very knowledgable about business operations and includes much experience that is needed for this position. He will be attending the Board Meetings, taking minutes, keeping the Club Roster up to date, creating and distributing flyers for events, and helping to distribute club news as much as his time allows. 

For now, Rick Ascheri will continue to help run the Website under the direction of John Rasmussen and the Board of Directors. 

We are always looking for volunteers so if you are interested please come to one of the club events and talk to us about helping out. There is always something that needs to be done.


January 4, 2009

In 2009 the club reorganized with Indigo Brude as President, Mike Williams as Vice President, Rick Ascheri as Information Officer, Casey Yoshitake as Finance Director and Jerry Ross as Tournament Director. The Club is an official organization registered with the City of La Mirada as a business.

With the reorganization we have established the following goals for the club:

(a)  Developing and maintaining challenging and safe disc golf courses that are appropriate to players of all skill levels.

(b)  Fostering among the members a closer bond and fraternity for their joint and mutual benefit through the promotion of organized events.

(c)  Establishing positive relationships with non-players and the community by maintaining high standards of course etiquette, safety and good sportsmanship.

The new organization allows more people to be involved in club events and projects. The new board has established four committees, a Course Committee, an Event Committee, a Finance Committee and an Information Committee.

The Course Committee will help maintain the course, move baskets and establish changes based upon safety guidelines imposed by the Vice President and the rest of the Board Members.

The Event Committee helps establish and organize club sponsored events. The event committee is lead by the Tournament Director.

The Finanace Committee, working with the Finance Director, will help manage the finanaces and establish budgets for everything related to the LMDGC.

The Information Committee, working with the Information Director, will help create and distribute marketing material related to club events, disc golf as well as maintain the website content.

If you have any interest in contributing some of your time and talent to help the LMDGC, please show up for club events, and join a committee!


June 10, 2008

Jeff Neill officially resigned as Club President, but continued to help sponsor the club and promote events such as the yearly Turkey Shoot Doubles tournament in November of each year. We want to thank Jeff for his continued support and all of his dedicated work. Jeff continues to help promote disc golf and he is now making La Mirada Disc Golf Club Stickers for us.


February 5, 2006 

Rick Ascheri joined the club and worked with Jeff Neill, Marcus Cisneros, Mike Williams, Jerry Ross and others to setup a new website which provided news, tons of photos and videos, forums, player lists, tournament results and tons of other content. We had a few club meetings and a couple of BBQ's, but people got busy and events slowed.


Sometime Around 2004 and Before

The La Mirada Disc Golf Club has been going unofficially since 80's. There were various leaders and everyone volunteered to help keep the course going. Sometime in 2004 Jeff Neill and about 29 other local disc golfers got together and donated $20 to try and get more people involved. They created a website and some putters with the LMDGC logo. Later they created other merchandise like T-Shirts, Bag Tags and Metal Mini Markers which have La Mirada Etched on them.