About the La Mirada Disc Golf Club

The La Mirada Disc Golf Club was an official organization that was registered with the City of La Mirada as a business. We provided Volunteers to the County of Los Angeles to aid in the maintenance of the disc golf course. While the Club is no longer officially active, many of the original members still play disc golf and continue to help maintain the course through the West Coast Disc Golf organization. Visit the West Coast Disc Golf page (linked on the front) or contact the folks in the Pro Shop at the course for more information.

While the club was active it had the following goals:

  1. Developing and maintaining challenging and safe disc golf courses that are appropriate to players of all skill levels.
  2. Fostering among the members a closer bond and fraternity for their joint and mutual benefit through the promotion of organized events.
  3. Establishing positive relationships with non-players and the community by maintaining high standards of course etiquette, safety and good sportsmanship.

The organization allows more people to be involved in club events and projects. The new board had four committees, a Course Committee, an Event Committee, a Finance Committee and an Information Committee.

The Course Committee was responsible to help maintain the course, move baskets and establish changes based upon safety guidelines imposed by the Vice President and the rest of the Board Members.

The Event Committee was responsbile to helps establish and organize club sponsored events. The event committee is lead by the Tournament Director.

The Finanace Committee, working with the Finance Director, was responsible to help manage the finanaces and establish budgets for everything related to the LMDGC.

The Information Committee, working with the Information Director, was responsible to help create and distribute marketing material related to club events, disc golf as well as maintain the website content.

More club information is available by clicking on one of the Club links here (Documents, History, Members, Polls, Results). These links are also available at the top of every page, just under the header and logo.