Changes Are Coming

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The La Mirada Disc Golf Club Fiscal year is coming to an end. The last day for 2012 is on February 28th.
We had 58 Active members supporting the club for 2012 with a total membership of 220. We want to thank everyone for their support and their help throughout the year.
I want to summarize the activities that the club hosted in 2012:

  • Monthly Board Meetings with the Los Angeles County Park Officials. This was done to help with the communication between the County and the Disc Golf Community.
  • Weekly & Monthly Tournaments
  • Maintain local player ratings in an attempt to help make the tournaments fair to everyone.
  • Post Scores & Ratings on Website so that everyone can evaluate their progress.
  • Organized Skill Clinics through the summer months.
  • Replaced a number of stolen \ vandalized baskets and Tee signs.
  • Regularly cleaned tagged baskets and tee signs.
  • Purchased new baskets (total of 18 in two years).
  • Purchased new tee pads which include the removal of old concrete tee pads. (With your help we were able to replace 8 tee pads in the last two years).
  • Numbered and taped all baskets (twice a year).
  • Painted tee markings on a regular basis (monthly)
  • Moved baskets once a month to keep the course challenging.
  • Updated the course map in the pro shop so that new players would know the course.
  • Hosted free fun events throughout the year.

Now that the Pro Shop has become more involved the La Mirada Disc Golf Club has decided to step back in 2013 and leave the disc golf course maintenance, clinics, movement of baskets and the weekly and monthly disc golf tournaments to the Pro Shop. The Pro Shop is under contract with LA County to do this work and we feel that it is time for them to make the decisions and run things on their own.
So, starting today I have combined the Regular ACE pool and Reserved ACE pool pots together for a total of $392.00. We will include this amount plus whatever is collected on each event until the next winner occurs. The next winner or winners will split the entire pot. After the next ACE pool winner or winners occur I will step aside and let the Pro Shop organize these events. Check with the Pro Shop for the details (Patrick McConnell or Mr. Lee).
So what about the Club?  The La Mirada Disc Golf Club will continue to operate. We will take memberships for 2013 and all new and returning members will receive a 2013 bag tag. Those that signed up in November and December will receive a 2013 bag tag as well.  We are looking for photos for the 2013 bag tag. If you have one then please submit it.
For 2013 the club will focus on FUN events that are open to Club Members only. We will have several BBQ’s and Bag Tag challenges, an around the world putting contest, as well as other events. If you have some fun ideas we would love to hear them.  Our next board meeting will be on Wednesday, February 13th. We will be meeting in the LA County Park office next to the baseball diamonds.