Tee Signs Corrected

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We finished correcting the Tee Signs today for both the Lakeside 18 course and the Backside 18 course.
Every Tee Sign shows th correct number and correct graphic.  I want to thank Noah, Josh, Carlos, Roger, Jerry Ross and Debbie Ascheri for helpigng out.

Tee Sign Graphics Updated on Website

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I just finished updating the Tee Sign Graphics for the Lakeside and Backside courses. Thanks to Noah Rodriguez and others for helping to collect the changes. The updates are posted here on the website. Just click on the Course link and then on the Tee number to view the sign.
The following Tee Signs were changed, Lake #7, 8, 17, 18, Back# 1, 7, 8, 10 thru 18.
You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view these tee sign graphics.

La Mirada Disc Golf Related Information

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For those that are trying to find current La Mirada Disc Golf Related information.
West Cost Disc Golf is running the Pro Shop at La Mirada Regional Park. They host a facebook page called West Coast Disc Golf.
I posted a quick link to their site on the left.
Josh Kirkendall created the La Mirada DGC group on Facebook.
There is a link on the left for this as well.
To communicate with me, Rick Ascheri, you can post in any of these Facebook pages and I will respond.

La Mirada Disc Golf Club Status

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For those that were wondering. The La Mirada Disc Golf Club is no longer an ACTIVE club. While the members are still around playing at the course, we have not been officially involved in maintaining the course. We turned over this job to the Los Angeles County of Parks and Recreation in 2013.

SoCal Tournaments Available

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Attention Disc Golfers. If you enjoy playing in the weekly and monthly disc golf tournaments you may enjoy playing in other tournaments. The Southern California Disc Golf Association (SOCAL) is hosting disc golf tournaments throughout the year at many of our local courses.  Each year I try to post them inside of a Upcoming Events block to the right. If you don't see them then visit WWW.SOCALDISCGOLF.WORDPRESS.COM for the latest in Southern California Disc Golf Tournaments.



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On Saturday, April 27th at 10am the La Mirada Disc Golf Club held their "ACE RACE FOR THE ACE POOL" event. This event was held to give the tournament players from 2012 a chance to win the ACE pool that was accumulated during the 2012 year beginning in July. As it turned out this was the last ACE Pool hosted by the La Mirada Disc Golf Club.


The La Mirada Disc Golf Club will be hosting their ACE Race for the ACE pool, tomorrow, Saturday, April 27th. We will start promptly at 10am.

This event is for all Weekly & Monthly tournament players that paid into the ACE pool between 7/1/12 and 2/9/13. If you played in an LMDGC event (weekly or monthly) and paid an ACE pool fee then you are eligible to participate. The eligible players are listed below. Please contact Rick Ascheri (RICK@LMDGC.ORG) if you feel that you are missing from the list.

PDGA Mandatory Rules Changes for 2013

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The PDGA has changed several of the mandatory rules for 2013.

Last weekend while playing the Monthly one of the players on my card threw his disc and it passed a double mandatory, but hit a tree limb and bounced backwards through the mandatory and rolled far to the left of the rightmost mandatory. This really made it impossible for him to throw through the mandatory again from his lie.

Final Club Monthly Held!

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On Saturday, February 9th at 10:00am the La Mirada Disc Golf Club held their final Monthly tournament for the 2012 fiscal year.
I want to thank all of the players for coming out and playing in the last Club Sponsored Monthly. I really appreciate your support, especially those that have donated their used discs to be handed out to the Novice division players.
For this last monthly we had a total of 39 players in four (4) divisions, Open (7), Advanced (8), Intermediate (11) and Novice (9).


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