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Welcome to the La Mirada Disc Golf Club website. The purpose of this website is to provide a virtual hub for communicating between the community and the La Mirada Disc Golf club members and Sponsors. Our plan is to get you the players and community members to help us in adding content such as news, up coming events, photos, and general comments about disc golf in and around the La Mirada Area.

There are five levels of access to this website:

  • (1) Guest
  • (2) Authenticated User
  • (3) Community Member
  • (4) Inactive Club Member
  • (5) Active Club Member.


(1) A Guest is anyone that connects to this website and does not login. Guests will have limited access to the information contained on this website, and will not be allowed to post comments or questions on any of the material presented on the website. This type of access is for people that just want to see what is going on, get a map of the course or find out how to get to the park.

(2) An Authenticated User is someone that has connected to the website and completed the registration form online, has received an acknowledgement from the web master and has clicked on the link that is sent in the email message after the registration process is completed. An Authenticated user is allowed to do everything that the Guest can do plus post comments with approval from administrator and vote on polls.

(3) A Community Member is someone that wants to be more involved in what is going on at the La Mirada Disc Golf Course. This member can access everything that the Authenticated user can access plus make comments to all posted content. To become a community member you must enter contact information when you register or through the My Account menu item after you have been Authenticated. This information is used so that we know who you are. After we review your registration information one of the administrators will upgrade your access to be a Community Member. You will be able to post comments after your account has been upgraded to a Community Member.

(4) An Inactive Club Member is someone that has registered to be a club member and at some time in the past has paid an initial registration fee to become a club member. Club memberships are for one calendar year from March 4 thru February 28th. After February 28th all members that have not paid their renewal fees will have their membership status changed to INACTIVE. Inactive club members can access everything that community members can access plus a little bit more. They do not receive the benefits provided to active club members, like discounts and other benefits. The list of Active and Inactive Members is posted on the Members page.

(5). An Active Club Member is someone that has registered to be a club member and has paid their initial registration fee for the first year (for new members) or has paid their renewal registration fee for the current year. Active Club Members have full access to the website including access to all private content for members only. Active members are allowed to post news articles and post comments on all previously posted content. To become an Active Club member goto the Join Club link at the top left of this page.